Thursday, February 20, 2014

iPad Data Eraser: How to Permanently Erase iPad Data for Selling?

Remember erase all iPad data before selling your old iPad!
Many people want to resell the old iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4 and trade up the iPad Air,but some iPad users ignore wipe all person data on iPad,therefore, some of the information on iPad is stolen.To prevent all the important personal information stolen,we must to erase iPad data before selling the old iPad.In additional,if you want to sell at a good price,you must to kept your old iPad in relatively good shape.In a word, before you sell or trade-in your old iPad, you'd better take a look at the following tips to erase all iPad contents permanently, which are able to keep your old iPad sells in a safe and secure way.

Tips: If you reset factory settings to erase iPad data,some iPad data recovery software can restore them back easily.However,you must to use a iPad data eraser tool to wipe data permanently.

erase ipad data before selling
If you want to give the old iPad for your friens,please remenber remove all data from iPad,as well.Here,I recommend you a useful and powerful iPad data eraser software,you can free download and have a try,I have ever used this eraser to wipe data from my iPhone and iPad,too.

To delete data from iPad permanently,you must to use a iPad Data Eraser program-iOS Data Eraser,which can help you erase everything from iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad 4/3/2/1.

Download Windows Version  Download Mac Version

Key Features:

- Wipe all data, such as contacts, text messages, emails, account info, passwords, videos, photos, etc., from iPad,iPhone,iPod Touch.
 - After erasing data with this tool, you can not get them back with any recovery tool.
 - All iPad models are supported, including iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad 4/3/2/1.
 - Read the following guide to see how simple to handle it.

Some Tips for reselling your iPad:

* Backup your old iPad with iTunes or iCloud: You must save lots of valuable data on your old iPad that you want to keep them forever. So, before you put your iPad on eBay, you should first take a backup of your data on the computer. Each time you sync your iPad with iTunes, iTunes will make a backup with all the settings, apps, photos, iMessages, videos and more.
 * Wipe your private data on iPad: The most important thing you should keep in mind is that before you sell your device, make sure other people won't have access to any of your personal data. You will never know who will get your old iPad and what he will do with your personal data. The best solution is deleting all the data from the old iPad.
 * Notice the appearance and accessories: Clean the screen but not with Windex and you'd better find the original box, sync cable and charger. keep them with the old iPad together, which will help sweeten the deal.

How to Erase iPad data permanently before selling?

Step 1. Connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch to PC

After the installation, run iPhone Data Eraser on your computer. Then get your iOS device connected with a USB cable to the computer. When the program recognizes your device, you’ll see its main window as follows.

Connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch to computer
Step 2. Choose a type of data erasing

From the main window, you can see some information about your device on the left side. On the right side, there are two kinds of data erasing ways:

Erase all data on device: Erase all data and settings permanently.
Erase deleted files: Only erase deleted pictures, videos, call logs and messages, making them unrecoverable.

Please choose the first type (the other type is not available yet).

Choose a type of data erasing
Step 3. Start to erase all data on your iPad now

There are three security levels to erase all data on your device:

Low: Overwrite all of your data with zeros to ensure that the files are not recoverable.
Medium: Overwrite your device with junk files to ensure that the files are not recoverable, and no one knows that you've erased your device. .
High: Erase and overwrite your device three times, and the security standard is based on the U.S. DOD 5220.22-M, more secure for confidential data destruction on your device.

You can choose any of them according to your requirement. Higher levels will ask for more time. Here, let’s choose the medium one. Then click on the Start button. To make sure that you've backed up your important data and still want to move forward, you need to type a word shown you in the input box and click Confirm. Now, the program begins erasing all data on your device as shown below.

Start to erase all data on your
Note: Please don’t disconnect your device during the process. Or data on your device will not be completely erased.

Step 4. Use your device as a new one

Finish erase your iPad data
When your device is erased completely, you’ll get a totally new device. You can set it as a new device or choose to restore it from iTunes/iCloud backup. If the backup contains the data you don’t want, you’re suggested not to restore from it.

Download Windows Version  Download Mac Version

What's more about iPad Data Eraser:

iPhone/iPad/iPod Data Eraser is the ideal iDevice "erase" application designed to permanently wipe all personal information from the device using US Military spec over-writing technology to render the data unrecoverable; returning the device to a “clean slate” state before you resell, donate or trade it in.

-Wipe EVERYTHING from iDevices: contacts, messages, photos, videos, apps, account info, passwords and other personal data stored on iDevices.
-Meets Mil-spec DOD 5220 – 22 M standard for permanent data destruction; prevents personal data from being recoverable.
-Works with all iDevices - Jailbroken iPhone friendly and also compatible with carrier-locked iPhones.
-Keep your personal information safe, permanently remove it with iPhone Data Eraser prior to disposing of your old iDevice.


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